Monday, November 11, 2013

The Key to Your Dream Home!

So I haven't posted anything on this yet, but I probably should've awhile ago.  So when I got pregnant with Brooklynn, we knew that me not working wasn't really an option with our financial situation.   And, with the job that I currently had, there was no way for me to work from home or be able to work only after Brandon got home from work.  So, we started brainstorming.  One day real estate came to mind.  I realized that I have really always loved real estate but never really gotten into it, and I would be able to work from home, schedule clients according to my schedule, and it would be SO much happier than the job I was currently doing (working with CPS and parents that had gotten kids taken away, depressing all the time).  So, I became an assistant for an agent and prepared to start taking real estate classes.

I had Brooklynn in December, started classes in January, got licensed and started working for Keller Williams in March, and now I am absolutely loving what I do.  It is so great to help those people get the home they are looking for and see their faces light up when they find "the one".  However, one of the BEST things about my job, is I get to stay home with my daughter and play with her all day andbe there for her when she needs me.  It is the best feeling ever.

It's interesting because before she was born, I thought that it wouldn't be a big deal to be away from her for 6 to 8 hours if I had to.  I could take her to a babysitter when I needed to, get my work done, and pick her up later.  But, when she was born, that all changed.  The first time I left her for two hours and had SUCH a hard time!  I am getting better now but more than 6 hours...yeah can't do it.  So it really is the best to be home with this cutie patootie!

Well, if any of you know of anyone that is looking to buy, sell, or even invest in real estate, PLEASE give me  a call!  I would love to help and you now that I would do my best to get them everything that they want!  So so grateful for all of you and your support!

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