Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brooklynn 7 months/ Lake Mead/ Soda SpringsShe

Brooklynn is getting teeth!  Her two bottom teeth came in at the same time and are growing.  They came up right before we left for our trip to Lake Mead.  She is still doing the army crawl but now gets on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth.  She is slowly trying more and more foods and eats a ton.  She's pretty much the cutest baby ever!  I completely forgot to take a 7 month picture, but I took plenty others!

First time in a sitting in a shopping cart without being in a car seat...

She got into the closet and got into everything!

At the beginning of August Brooklynn and I flew down to Las Vegas to meet my family.  We went to Lake Mead and had tons of fun!  Brooklynn absolutely loved going in the water and loved her floatie.  She 100% HATED her life vest though.  But I had fun knee boarding and going on the inner tube.  We also went with the Friends and saw the Hartwigs there.  It was fun seeing them and spending some time with them as well!

Taking a nap in the same place on the boat
we all did when we were little.

 Brooklynn and I went down to Soda Springs for a night to visit with Lauren and her family.  The next day we went to a fair close to Soda Springs.  Brooklynn loved the animals and I had fun spending some girl time with Lauren!

Watching the horses

She was more interested in pulling the grass than looking at the camera!

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