Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brooklynn 6 Months/ 4th of July

Brooklynn is smiling so much more!  She is starting to do the army crawl and can move around like that a little bit, but isn't quite mobile.  Which is good for mom and dad!  She still loves oatmeal and is now starting to eat other baby food.  Her first food that she tried was green beans and she ate the entire jar.  Maybe that's why she is so small, because she has been starving this whole time.  Formula just doesn't do the trick anymore.  Thank you SO MUCH CeeCee Photography for taking some of these adorable pictures!


First time in a high chair!


Happy Fourth of July!  We were in Idaho Falls this year and my family was able to come up to celebrate with us.  Brooklynn had an adorable outfit that was red, white, and blue and had a flag with stars and was just adorable.  However, she decided to soil it before I got a picture.  That little stinker.  We went to the parade in the morning (Brooklynn hated all the noise, and I really don't like it. I find it boring).  I don't know that I would like to go next year, but we will see!  

It was also my brother, Brendon's, birthday and we celebrated his birthday by going to Pizza Pie Cafe for lunch and then going to see Despicable Me 2.  It was very fun.

After we saw the movie we got ready to go to the river to get ready to watch the fireworks.  We walked around to the different booths and ate some yummy food.  We went to where Brandon's family had saved a spot and played games.  As it got closer my family and my uncle's family came to join us.  We sat and waited for the fireworks.  Unfortunately, someone had jumped in the river to swim accross to the island in the middle.  He was drunk and was pulled under the water.   Nobody saw him come up and a search and rescue boat started looking for him.  Because of this, the fireworks were delayed an hour, but it was worth the wait and Brooklynn loved watching all the colors.  We had a very enjoyable Fourth of July and we were so blessed to share it with the people we love (Except my brother who was celebrating in Chemnitz, Germany).

Friday we went to the drive in and watched some movies.  Brooklynn fell asleep before the movies started and stayed asleep the whole time.  This was taken before the movies began with auntie Hannah.  

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