Monday, October 21, 2013

Brooklynn 5 Months/ Jason and Megan's Wedding!

5 months... hasn't really hit any new milestones.  She's rolling around and laughing now.  She doesn't
laugh much but it is so fun when she does!  She is the cutest baby ever!

She was having a rough day...not letting mom get much of anything done!

At the beginning of June, we went to Northern California for my cousin's wedding.  It was a long 10 hour drive but Brooklynn was very good.  That drive is probably the most boring drive ever.  There is nothing out there, except two cities that are very small, until you get to Reno.  We stayed in Elko, NV for the night then continued on our drive the next day.  We stayed with some old friends that moved to the Sacramento area a few years ago.  That day we explored old town Sacramento and went to some fun places.  Sacramento is a really beautiful place.  

Friday we went to the Fulsom prison museum, the one Johnny Cash sang about in one of his songs.  It was smaller than I thought but it was very interesting seeing all the weapons prisoners had made in the past and learning about the history of the prison.  

I went shopping with my mom for a few hours and then we met everyone at a park for dinner put on by my aunt and uncle.  After dinner, Brandon went to the bachelor party and I stayed home with the girls. It was a fun and relaxing night.  

Saturday was the wedding day and it was filled with the wedding festivities.  They got married in the Sacramento temple.  I am so grateful that we were able to be there.  We had a bit of a break so I went to some stores with Brandon and Brooklynn, and then we went to the party.  

Their reception was gorgeous and very fun.  It was very hot and humid during the day and I think it took a toll on Brooklynn so she had a rough night, but I was able to eat the yummy food and dance with my hubby.  We had a great time.    
Sunday we did the trip back all in one day.  Even though it was long, Brooklynn did so well.  I am so glad we were able to share with them their special day.
On the ride home, Brandon wanted a blanket too, so he stole Brooklynn's.

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