Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MAJOR catching up

Ok so I realized that I have sat down to start writing a post three times in the last couple months and I just run out of time. So...now I am determined to finish this and get all caught up. SOOOOO much has changed since I last wrote. Let me just make a list of some of the new things in our lives as of now...

1. We are graduated!!!!! Wahoo!!! We graduated in December, brandon in business finance and me in psychology. But, Brandon will be going back to school this fall for his MBA.
2. NO MORE BEST BUY!!!!! We both quit Best Buy. Brandon quit in December after being there for two and a half years and I left in February after...FIVE YEARS!!! That is such a long time. Thank goodness for weekends off and being able to go to church every Sunday.
3. Brandon works at Melaleuca in forcasting and planning as a supply chain analyst and he is loving his job. He has been there for about four months.
4. I work for Youth and Family Renewal Services as a PSR worker. I also do supervised visitation and ARFIP (in home parenting classes, and I am not even a parent, fun stuff haha). I love it and I get paid so much better than I did at Best Buy.
5. And now to probably the craziest news, at least for me...We bought a house!!!! Yes, in IDAHO!!!!! I never in a million years thought I would be buying a house here. But, it felt right and the job was very good, so here we are, at least for awhile anyway!

That is it in a nutshell what has happened in the last 7 months. Oh and just recently my hubby sold his Pontiac Sunfire and got this...

Oh, and I got a puppy for Christmas! He is the most adorable little Maltese puppy. When I got him he was 1.5 lbs, now he is pretty much full grown at 5 lbs.

When I got him Christmas Day.

Now. :) His name is Choji! (Cho-gee)

Now we are relatively caught up on events from the last few months (7 to be exact)! I am now making a goal to write AT LEAST once a week. We will see how that goes :)

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  1. Kate!! Such exciting stuff :) Love reading your updates! Post pics of your NEW house! How fun!! Miss you xoxo