Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brandon's 25th!

Brandon's birthday was Saturday so we had a weekend all about Brandon.  He made out like a bandit, getting tons of gifts, and I was able to surprise him too which almost never happens!  We also got to spend the whole weekend together, which was really nice because since I started my new job and working as much as I do we don't get to spend too much time together.  

On Thursday I surprised Brandon by taking him to get his windows tinted.  His car looks really good and he loves it! Friday we just went to the movies and saw Act of Valor.  I didn't like it.  Way too much gore, but Brandon of course liked it because it was a war movie.  

Saturday we went to Ihop for breakfast in our pajamas and while we were there, Brandon's parents dropped off the grill that I bought him and set it in the middle of the garage so when we came home Brandon would see it.  We're so sneaky! :)  Here is a video of him getting his new grill!

 We spent a little while cleaning our house for his family to come over for cake and ice cream that night (he didn't want to have a party, WEIRD in my opinion...but whatever), then I went with him to jujitsu and he got another gift, which was 12 months of tuition paid for!  Normally that would be like $1200, but his teacher gave it to me, the whole 12 months, for $450.  SUCH a good deal.  While hew was doing his arm locks and choke holds I went and did some shopping for cleaning supplies and I finally got stuff for our second bathroom.  After being there for almost three months, I felt it was probably time.  I really like it though.  I like it a lot.  When Brandon finished we went home and he got ready so that we could go  get dinner at Jakers.  We had never been there and always assumed it was super expensive but it was actually cheaper than many of the other restaurants that we go to, and it was delicious!  We went back to the house to meet a guy for another bid on our yard (most likely super expensive again) and then his family came over for ice cream cake.  His other surprise was that Trevor came up from Provo for his birthday.  We were all sitting in the family room and Trevor came through the garage and jumped on him.  He was very happy to see him and spent some time with him on Sunday playing video games.  Here is our dog in the middle of all the wrapping paper.

This last week is finally over work wise.  I worked 52 hours, and was exhausted by the end.  This week is going to be pretty busy as well, but then I get to go to California Friday to Monday!  SOOO excited to see my family. It has been like two months!  Unfortunately my hubby can't come along because of work, but he will be there in spirit!     

Monday, April 16, 2012

I'll Be Your Hucklebeary!

This weekend, Brandon and I got to go to Island Park and stay in a cabin! Eagle Ridge Ranch was giving 40% off to Melaleuca employees for the month of April, so we jumped at the opportunity, We had such a fun time just spending time together and being able to relax and just lounge around. We took Brandon's car and, while it got very dirty and he got kind of depressed taking his brand new car through the mud, it was a good thing we took his because we probably would have gotten stuck in my civic.
On Saturday, we went to West Yellowstone to look around, but also on a mission to find a movie that we could watch that night on the little 19 inch TV that there was at the cabin. We got to walk around all the little shops and tried to look for a movie theater to maybe actually see a movie instead because, well, this town didn't have much. It is so interesting to me to think about how people live in small towns like those. I'm not saying it is a horrible thing, by any means, it is probably wonderful, but I think that I would have a hard time, especially since a majority of the shops there are closed from like October to May for the winter (and I thought that Rexburg was small).
As we were walking, in one of the windows of a T-shirt shop, I saw a shirt that said D.A.D.D (Dads against daughters dating). I told Brandon that we HAD to get that for his dad, because Brandon's sister's are turning 16 in a month and dating is pretty much all that is talked about over there. We got it for him and I was so excited to give it to him. We also stopped by the Wolves and Bears reserve gift shop. Tickets were too expensive but while we were looking around I found the CUTEST pajama bottoms that have little bears on them with their hands up and purple berries in their mouths with the saying "I'll be your Hucklebeary" all over them! I LOVE them. I got those too, although I think they may have been the cost of at least one ticket into the reserve :p. We ate lunch at a yummy Chinese restaurant and then looked again for a movie to buy, failing. We finally got in the gar and filled up on gas, asking the cashier at the gas station where we could buy a movie, he said that people really only rent around there, but right as we were leaving he thought of a place that MIGHT sell movies (yes this town was that small). We went to the collection of approximately 8 movies to sell and just picked one, then we headed home to have a yummy steak dinner on the barbecue. We spent the rest of a relaxing day eating dinner, going in the very warm Jacuzzi, and eating Oreos and milk while watching our stinkin movie that we searched everywhere for. Just as a side note, Brandon was looking through the binder that the place had of everything that that campsite offered, and they had movie rentals for $2 :0. It pays to actually READ the books and fliers they give you. Sunday morning we had yummy waffles and bacon, packed up, and headed home.
On the way back I told Brandon to be prepared for never seeing me this next couple of weeks. This week I have a two day training for work, and then my boss expects us to still schedule all of our visits and PSR clients, so I have 55 hours this week alone, not including the three clients I had to give to my co worker. I was worried about getting hours I have TOO many!!! Then next week I leave for California Friday and get back Monday, so I have to fit in all of my clients on the days that I am here. But, California will be a nice mini vacation to spend some time with my family. I will miss my hubby though. It is going to be an interesting few weeks, thats all I have to say!!!

Brandon's poor car...

On a side note, we got some new estimates on what it will cost to build a fence for our yard...HOLY MOLY!!!! Like 9 grand. Who thought a yard would ever cost as much as it is going to. I also got new pictures since they leveled the yard. I realized I haven't put any up yet so here are some of the inside as well :)

Guest Bedroom/Current Animal Room

Master Bedroom


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MAJOR catching up

Ok so I realized that I have sat down to start writing a post three times in the last couple months and I just run out of time. I am determined to finish this and get all caught up. SOOOOO much has changed since I last wrote. Let me just make a list of some of the new things in our lives as of now...

1. We are graduated!!!!! Wahoo!!! We graduated in December, brandon in business finance and me in psychology. But, Brandon will be going back to school this fall for his MBA.
2. NO MORE BEST BUY!!!!! We both quit Best Buy. Brandon quit in December after being there for two and a half years and I left in February after...FIVE YEARS!!! That is such a long time. Thank goodness for weekends off and being able to go to church every Sunday.
3. Brandon works at Melaleuca in forcasting and planning as a supply chain analyst and he is loving his job. He has been there for about four months.
4. I work for Youth and Family Renewal Services as a PSR worker. I also do supervised visitation and ARFIP (in home parenting classes, and I am not even a parent, fun stuff haha). I love it and I get paid so much better than I did at Best Buy.
5. And now to probably the craziest news, at least for me...We bought a house!!!! Yes, in IDAHO!!!!! I never in a million years thought I would be buying a house here. But, it felt right and the job was very good, so here we are, at least for awhile anyway!

That is it in a nutshell what has happened in the last 7 months. Oh and just recently my hubby sold his Pontiac Sunfire and got this...

Oh, and I got a puppy for Christmas! He is the most adorable little Maltese puppy. When I got him he was 1.5 lbs, now he is pretty much full grown at 5 lbs.

When I got him Christmas Day.

Now. :) His name is Choji! (Cho-gee)

Now we are relatively caught up on events from the last few months (7 to be exact)! I am now making a goal to write AT LEAST once a week. We will see how that goes :)