Monday, August 8, 2011

Las Vegas Baby

So our anniversary weekend began with a blindfold...Brandon did not want me to know where we were going until we actually got there. So, right after we got gas, the blindfold went on and stayed on till we got to...drum roll please...Las Vegas! Yes, I had a blindfold on for 4 and a half hours haha Someone actually thought that I was being kidnapped at one point. About half way there I had to go to the bathroom so we pulled up to a McDonalds and Brandon guided me through to the bathroom door. Then after guided me back to the car. When we got to the car a guy actually knocked on the window and asked Brandon if I was ok. Brandon said yes and that I was his wife and we were totally fine but the guy looked to me and said, "Ma'am are you alright?!" and I kind of giggled and told him I was fine. I must say, I totally give him props for actually saying something because you never know what could be happening...but in this case I was just being force to wear a blindfold to just prolong me knowing the surprise, dang it! But it was a great way to start the trip.
We stayed at the stratosphere hotel in Las Vegas and had a fun and relaxing trip! Friday night we just hung around the hotel and got some dinner. We got there an hour later than expected because of traffic, but Vegas never sleeps so tons of places were open at 10:30 at night. :)
(At the top of the tower by the rides line.)
On Saturday we did some more exploring of the hotel and went up to the tower to see the rides at the top and see the awesome view. I wanted to go on the sky jump sooo bad. It was kind of like bungee jumping. Basically you go onto a platform at the top of the stratosphere and jump off! It looked like so much fun! But there was no way in heck that my doctor would let me do that...and plus it was $110 and that basically killed my desire right then. Haha. We got to the strip around noon and were going to go to Mandalay Bay to see the Shark Reef. I had been talking about it all morning. So, we walked all the way there and of course it was like $20 a person and there was a huge line. I was a little depressed. But we were going to go see the tigers at the Mirage so I was still happy. So, for those who don't know the strip well the Mirage and Mandalay Bay are on total opposite ends. I think that's where the blisters came from. I got two fat blisters on my feet from my stupid shoes and have been walking rather oddly the last couiple days. So worth it though because I got to see the tigers and the dolphins! That cost $17 a person but Brandon felt bad for me so he gave in :) I love him!
We then got to go to the Tournament of Kings at Excalibur! It was so cool! I highly recommend it to anyone going to Vegas. That night we didn't do much walking because our feet were protesting, but we went to the lights show at the bellagio and saw the volcano erupt at the Mirage as well as the end of the Pirates show. I love Vegas! There is so much to do even if you don't "party."
Sunday we were able to go to a ward in Vegas for church and then saw the temple after that. It was so different and beautiful! I had never seen it so it was really nice to walk around the grounds and see everything, such a great way to spend our anniversary! We went to olive Garden for our Anniversary dinner and then headed home. A little advice...never trust your phone's GPS. It took us on a route that was not the 15 where it would be a straight shot home and take 3 and a half hours, to the 95 freeway which took us to just about the middle of towns or anything for about two and a half hours to the Arizona border, and then the 40 meeting the 15 in Barstow...a total of 6 and a half hours to get home. It's ok though. Added to the wonderful weekend adventure! Now its back to work and reality! :( But we will have to visit Vegas again real soon! Such a wonderful surprise anniversary weekend spent with my hubby. Definitely doing weekend getaways more often!
Forums Shops At Caesars Palace. Us being ourselves!

The Light's Show!

Off the 95 in the middle of NOWHERE!!!

And we are off tomorrow for another Vegas trip to Lake Mead with the fam till Sunday! I love this vacationing stuff!!! :)

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